Ep. 460: Earth from Afar: Remote Sensing

The space age has given us the ability to look at every corner of the globe in every wavelength. It’s revolutionized our ability to predict the weather, keep track of environmental damage, and watch the world change. Today we look at what missions and technologies give us the ability to watch our world from afar.

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Show Notes

CosmoQuest’s Image Detective citizen science project – go try it out here!
Cameras first taking photos on V2 rockets
Television Infrared Observation Satellite
Stirling Colgate proposed detecting nuclear weapons with satellites
LandSat series of satellites
Landsat History
RadarSat program from Canadian Space Agency
Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR)
DSCOVR: EPIC – Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
Geosynchronous Satellites


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