Amargasaurus – Episode 157

In our 157th episode, we got to chat with Dr. Michael Habib. He is a paleontologist and biomechanist, who studies prehistoric animals and how they moved. He’s known for his work on pterosaurs, feathered dinosaurs, and the origin of flight in birds. Follow him on Twitter @aeroevo.

In the news: The new, nearly complete, sauropod Mierasaurus was found in Utah; T. rex claws were probably formidable slashing weapons; New details on the Chicxulub impact that wiped out the dinosaurs; New dinosaur discoveries, eggs, studies, exhibits, and more

Dinosaur of the day Amargasaurus, a sauropod with spines on its neck and back.

This episode is brought to you in part by TRX Dinosaurs, which makes beautiful and realistic dinosaur sculptures, puppets, and exhibits.

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